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The Sofia University Writing & Style Handbook is a PDF download that you can keep or print. If you have questions about the Handbook, please talk to the Writing Lab staff.

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About the Library

Within the Sofia University community our Library is the center for transformative learning: completely free, unbiased and welcoming to all. Our staff sincerely cares about your journey.

The Sofia University Library has a variety of virtual and physical resources reflecting a commitment to quality academic instruction and excellence in research. Sofia University students, faculty and staff have access to online scholarly materials, including articles, books and dissertations. The Library prides itself on helping with all research needs in a professional, supportive environment.

The library contains approximately 17,000 books, 170 journal titles in print form, 7,000 online journals, more than 100,000 e-books, and dissertations and theses completed at Sofia University. The strength of the collection is in the six major areas of the university’s curriculum: transpersonal theory and research, spiritual psychology, emotional and clinical psychology, bodywork disciplines, expressive arts, and the social aspects of the transpersonal. The Sofia University Library also supports additional academic programs such as business administration and computer science.

Access to online research databases, and the ability to obtain additional research materials from other libraries are also available.

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Faculty & Alumni Book & Article Corner

Like this meta-analysis: Screen media and mental health

Ferguson, C. J., Kaye, L. K., Branley-Bell, D., Markey, P., Ivory, J. D., Klisanin, D., Elson, M., Smyth, M., Hogg, J. L. (Sofia faculty), McDonnell, D., Nichols, D., Siddiqui, S., Gregerson, M., & Wilson, J. (2022). Like this meta-analysis: Screen media and mental health. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 53(2), 205–214.

The question of whether screen time, particularly time spent with social media and smartphones, influences mental health outcomes remains a topic of considerable debate among policy makers, the public, and scholars. Some scholars have argued passionately that screen media may be contributing to an increase in poor psychosocial functioning and risk of suicide, particularly among teens. Other scholars contend that the evidence is not yet sufficient to support such a dramatic conclusion. The current meta-analysis included 37 effect sizes from 33 separate studies. To consider the most recent research, all studies analyzed were published between 2015 and 2019. Across studies, evidence suggests that screen media plays little role in mental health concerns. In particular, there was no evidence that screen media contribute to suicidal ideation or other mental health outcomes. This result was also true when investigating smartphones or social media specifically. Overall, as has been the case for previous media such as video games, concerns about screen time and mental health are not based in reliable data.